5 Keys to a Week 3 Rider win

After another tough loss it was back to the drawing board for the Riders. Coach Jones had a couple decisions to make after the loss last week the biggest one being if he was going to stick with Tyler Crapigna at the kicker position after missing big kicks two weeks in a row. He did decide to stick with the young kicker and I hope he has a big game tomorrow. With Hamilton coming in to the new stadium both teams are facing a huge must win game. Hamilton looked sloppy in their week one loss but they’ve had a bye week to straighten some things out. The Riders bye is next week and they need this win. Going into Calgary in week 5, 0-3 would be a disaster for this club. I think I know a few ways the Riders can stop that from happening.

1) Hit Zach Collaros 

Zach Collaros took a beating in week one and he was not happy about it. He was vocal with head coach Kent Austin and it threw him off his game. That’s exactly what the Riders need to do. Get to Zach early and often and make the offensive line help him up over and over again. I don’t care if they run one guy or seven guys they just need to get to Collaros. It’s hard to make good throws from your back and the extra heat would relieve some pressure of the Riders DB’s who had a tough outing last week.

2) Bounce back game for the DB’s

It’s no secret that the Rider Defensive Backs got roasted three possessions in a row in last weeks game against the Bombers. They will want nothing more than to show they are capable of having good coverage. I think in order for the Riders to be successful this weekend they have to have a bounce back game from their DB’s.

3) Get Cameron Marshall touches

I’m over asking for a run game because it’s clear that it isn’t going to happen on a consistent basis for the Riders. But, if they aren’t going to run the ball they have to find ways to get the ball in Marshall’s hands in the pass game. He can be a game breaker but he has to have the opportunity to make plays.

4) Win the turnover battle

The Riders have yet to be the team on top when it comes to forcing turnovers this season. The defense needs to do a better job of that Saturday and the offense needs to do a better job of protecting the ball. It hasn’t been terrible by any means on the offensive side but it seems like they lose the ball at extremely inopportune times. That has to change.

5) The 13th man

One of the keys to a big win this weekend is going to be the 13th man. Rider fans were loud last week but I know it can get louder than that. The noise has to be brought from the second the Ticats get in the huddle to make it difficult for them to even call the plays. This a call out to all of Rider Nation going to the game Saturday to turn it up two more notches this week.

This is going to be a great battle between two desperate teams. It will all come down to execution on Saturday. Either way if it is anything like the first two games this year CFL fans are in for a treat.


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