Riley’s Rider Recap: Riders Vs Stamps III

What a game! The Riders beat the unbeatable (at home anyway). A full team effort from top to bottom by the Green and White. The Riders clinched their first playoff spot since 2014 a huge step for this team. It was the first time in a very long time that I have seen the Riders outplay the Stamps in all three facets of the game. So what exactly went right? Lets take a look.



Kevin Glenn took some hits early and it once again looked like the Stamps defensive line was going to take over the game. Chris Jones made sure that didn’t happen by putting Brandon Bridge in before the first quarter ended. Bridge was by no means perfect either throwing two interceptions but he did just enough to maintain momentum for the Riders all game long. Neither Kevin Glenn or Brandon Bridge were on the field for any points scored last night which is a pretty crazy stat. Cameron Marshall came back this week and had a respectable 55 total yards. In my opinion he didn’t look like he was back at 100% yet. Trent Richardson added 52 yards on nine carries and looked like a great compliment to Marshall in the run game. Both had some very nice carries at the end of the game to seal the deal. It was a well managed game by the offence against a very stout Stamps defence.



The defence played lights out for a second straight game against the Stamps. They haven’t scored a touchdown in two full games against the Riders and Chris Jones seems to have Bo levi and the Stamps offence figured out. Jerome Messam was held to just 43 yards rushing. A huge improvement for a Rider run defence that was questioned to nausea just a few weeks ago, maybe rightly so. The defence really stepped up and what can you say about Duron Carter? A pick six in his first ever game at defensive back. Simply outstanding. I think he has solidified himself as the most dynamic player in the CFL. It was the most complete game played by the Rider defence all season long and it came at the perfect time.


Special Teams

Imagine if Christion Jones was on this Riders team the whole season. There is no doubt in my mind that he would be the special teams player of the year. Once again he sparked the team and got the big win started. The coverage teams played great again and it was total domination by the special teams.


The Riders showed the league that they can beat anyone with this win. They clinched a playoff spot and, after a week filled with turmoil, they came out and put everything to rest. What a complete team display the Riders put on, on Friday night at McMahon Stadium. Now its on to Darian Durant and the Montreal Alouettes. That should be an emotional game.


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